(Partition Test Generator)
Update (17.04.2014) (News)

Software and hardware systems contain faults. One important technique to detect faults is testing. With the spread of model-based development, models became also important for testing. In model-based testing, test models are used to generate test suites (semi-)automatically. Although the technique of model-based testing is some years old, there is still room for improvements. For instance, most commercial modeling tools do not provide adequate test support for linear ordered types.

Coverage criteria are used as means to measure the fault detection ability of test suites. The approach of ParTeG is to combine the satisfaction of control flow-based coverage criteria (e.g., MC/DC) and boundary-based coverage criteria (e.g., Multi-Dimensional). This approach puts the focus on automatic generation of input partition boundaries from conditions in models. It can also be understood as a transformation of output partitions into a cross product of input partitions and abstract paths throught the state machine.

Referenced example models and screencasts can be found in the examples section.