23.02.2016: A fixed version of ParTeG is now available which installs and runs in all Eclipse 4.x versions (Juno to Mars) - see download site
The update site url itself remained unchanged.

17.04.2014: A new version of ParTeG is available - see download site
The latests release of ParTeG incorporates the Activity Tester (AcT), a fully automated constraint solver-based test generation tool suitable for UML Activities. A working installation of AMPL is necessary to use this feature. Also the test generation algorithm of ParTeG for StateMachines can now use constraint solvers (also via AMPL) for test data generation instead of abstract interpretation. This enables ParTeG to handle a much more expressive subset of OCL. For example non linear expressions well as mixed integer linear expressions can now be handled by ParTeG with the help of appropriate constraint solvers.
A collection of example Activities for the new AcT feature can be found here. The Activity diagrams can be viewed with Papyrus. To start test generation for an Activity or StateMachine the UML element needs to be selected in an UML editor and then the corresponding toolbar button is enabled.

16.09.2013: ParTeG also available for Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) - see download site
Thanks to Felix Kurth, we now have a update site for Eclipse 4.2.

28.10.2009: new version: ParTeG 1.3.3
bugfixes... for parallel automata and class structure

16.10.2009: new version: ParTeG 1.3.2

11.09.2009: new version: ParTeG 1.3.1
This is the final version for my PhD thesis. The names of the supported coverage criteria have been changed. Minor bugfixes regarding the support of state machine inheritance have been included.

07.07.2009: new version: ParTeG 1.3.0
Multiple interacting input parameters are supported. The context menu to start the test generation also works from *.umlstm. Finally, there are some minor bugfixes included.

19.10.2008: new version: ParTeG 1.2.2
Examples are updated. Test Generation Dialog can also be started from package view on *.umlstatemachine_diagram and from inside the diagram on regions and the state machine.

17.10.2008: new version: ParTeG 1.2.1
ParTeG supports Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede).

11.10.2008: new version: ParTeG 1.2.0
New version several bug-fixes and new test suite optimization features (split inequations, split transition events, split choice nodes, flatten state machine (restricted))- see "documentation".

08.04.2008: new version: ParTeG 1.1.0
ParTeG implements the test goal-driven approach: transform coverage criteria into test goals and use each test goal to generate a test case.

30.10.2007: initial version: ParTeG 1.0.0
ParTeG is a tool for automtic model-based test generation. It is based on UML state machines and UML class diagrams.